Have you Heard about Multicultural Children’s Book Day?


new logoHave you heard about Multicultural Children’s Book Day? Well, it is coming up on January 25th, and I love this idea because well, yes our family is multicultural and I think reading is the best way of learning for LIFE and the best way of teaching for  LIFE!! Yes, I think it is the absolute best!

In the last five years, thanks to Judith Dubois and the Agen WorkshopDr. Krashen and Dr. Masons’ academic research have greatly enhanced my persuasion that storytelling and reading are the means not only to learning language but also any other possible subject under the sun which back up my homespun reading method which I inherited from my mom. It has literally saved my dyslexic self and my dyslexic children, allowing us to succeed way beyond expectations, put-downs, and let-downs in the bilingual, bicultural world we have chosen. (Check out their free high-quality resources when you click on their names)

As time goes on, and after having used Sonlight curriculum that is based on a very strong reading program to present all subjects with an enhanced world view, I am all the more persuaded that reading is the best way to fight racism and the cheapest means of traveling the world and growing dreams. Mark Twain said that « Fascism was cured by reading, and racism by traveling, » yet I beg to differ. Reading allows you to be inspired and broaden your perspectives without leaving your home. It is the gas in your motor, and this curriculum has provided my family and students with wonderful stories for over 15 years now.

Dr. Krashen and Dr. Mason’s amazing Stories First Foundation is a wealth of free stories in many languages and from all over the world which delights me and makes me happy to browse stories to use in my language classes, providing rich and compelling input. It is another resource which I highly recommend.

Lately, I happened across Himani Readers, I was thrilled to find so many multicultural stories to add to my growing need of multicultural stories. And then, she shared about reviewing for # ReadYourWorld, and of course, I absolutely had to offer my time not only to discover more stories but to help spread the word.

I loved the 3 stories I was able to review. Not only will they allow your children to discover other cultures but they will also breed deep long lasting resolution to be involved in our world, and bring change to it. Happy reading! Oh, and there is a link below to free multicultural books for teachers and kits for homeschool and classroom.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review these books and I received no money or any copies of the books. It is a simple altruistic act on my part to fill our world with more love and more implication.


room in your heartRoom in Your Heart is a beautiful watercolor illustrated book about making room in your heart to help others based in Bhutan by Kunzang Choden. Various visitors enter this small home which appears to be already too full, but there is always room for someone in need because she has love in her heart. Beautiful and sweet.


boy who asked whyThe Boy Who Asked Why is a great true story by Sowmya Rajendran about allowing oneself to question one’s culture even at a very young age presents the caste culture in India and how questioning can be a motor to surpass one’s limits and how traveling can aid in creating social change! The caste system is explained very naturally so young children can comprehend the difference between this system and other social systems in the world. I loved the approach.

i am farmer_cover_final_hi-resI am Farmer is a beautifully compelling picture book about the true story of a misunderstood visionary farmer in Cameroon, Farmer Tantoh. Not only does it speak of holding on to one’s dreams amidst adversity, but it also addresses ecological issues of clean water in Cameroon and how farming can solve this issue. I absolutely loved the illustrations and the way the story not only showed culture but also perseverance and determination to change the environment one by one.

6th Multicultural Children’s Book Day is on January 25th, 2019! Founded by Valarie Budayr (Jump Into A Book) & Mia Wenjen (PragmaticMom), its mission is to raise awareness of the need to celebrate diversity in children’s books.


MCBD 2019 is sponsored by Medallion Sponsors & is co-hostedTWITTER PARTY Sponsored by Make A Way Media. @McChildsBookDay Twitter Party on 1/25/19 at 9:00pm.E.S.T. TONS of prizes and book bundles will be given away every 5 minutes!

Check out Free Multicultural Books for Teachers: http://bit.ly/1kGZrta

Free Empathy Classroom Kit for Homeschoolers, Organizations, Librarians & Educators: http://multiculturalchildrensbookday.com/teacher-classroom-empathy-kit/




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